Why Choose Wild Open Joy?

Ready for a different therapy experience?

I provide trauma conscious and trained psychotherapy and coaching, focusing on telling and making sense of your story to heal yourself, the generations behind and before you.

We explore the healing journey together through the use of somatics, nervous system regulation and practical thought work. I also believe in the power of psycho spiritual therapy which can include the guidance of the Tarot and psychedelic assisted therapy and healing.

I like to do therapy and coaching a little differently than you may have experienced before, which is from both personal and professional roots. It took way longer than it needed to to use the words complex trauma, intergenerational trauma, the repercussions of late stage capitalism, deliberately racist systems, the pain of patriarchy and strict heteronormative beliefs and ideologies in my own time in a therapist’s office.

While I don’t want us to stay too long in the realm of philosophy while we are in our work– it doesn’t quite help if we riff about the patriarchy for an hour and you leave feeling just as unrestful and depressed– what we explore is awareness, implications to your well being, and how you can have power over your own responses and move from survival to regulation and merely existing to thriving in the continual evolution of who you are.

About Wild Open Joy

Who Do I work with?

The people I work best with are those that are trying, trying, trying so hard in this wide, wild world, making differences in some form or another and also feeling like they are tired, tired, tired. How about some sustainability? How about some left over in the tank? How about some boundaries and buffers for yourself babe because you also are a human having a human experience and you have the right to all the goodness. Safety, pleasure, connection, engagement, presence and hope, yes, even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard. We don’t do bypassing in this family, I’m not talking about ignoring the difficulties and injustices of this world, I’m speaking to the possibility of being embodied while navigating the tumult of life. How many times have you felt (my hand is raised here) almost in a codependent relationship with being a helper, with being an empath or a highly sensitive person?

The people that seem drawn to working with me are, and I say this from their own loving voice, misfits! My caseload has a lot of neurodivergent brains, witchy/spiritual folxs, many are part of the LGBTQIA+ family. Many are creative and kind, and many are high achieving and working on making themselves and this world better than they found it. And they are all across the board, I have teachers, students , CFO’s, attorneys, and other therapists and healers. It’s a mixed bag and I am honored by the diversity and love of it all!

What if it didn’t have to cost us so much all the time to navigate ourselves, our relationships, and our world?

Ready to Move from survival to ease

Evolution and hope in your existence?

What I’m talking about is wild healing, radical unlearning, taking the shards of not enoughness that have been embedded in our nervous systems and bringing them to the light. Sometimes that is through play, we don’t have to be so serious all the time, sometimes it is through our sacred rage, let it move through us, let it go outward so that we can move about the world not implode upon ourselves. Sometimes it is through movement, or thought work, or a big cry. Sometimes it is really being very honest (with compassion and kindness) about codependent tendencies, getting our needs met in ways that no longer serve us, growing and evolving in the comfort that we can make a change in our own lives, in our own thoughts, neural pathways, and behaviors.

What sets Wild Open Joy apart?

My love affair with words that end in ‘ing.’

My life’s work and purpose is to alter patterns, to be comfortable in my own skin most of the time, to have the beautiful and sacred possibility of intimacy and connection and hope with a brain that has been altered by complex trauma.

I am growing.

Not grown.

I am learning.

Not Arrived.

I am healing.

Not Healed.

What sets me apart is I am living it y’all.

I try my best most days and there is nothing I would ask of you that I wouldn’t ask of myself.

I have witnessed and experienced a lot of pain and grief and loss in my personal life and in my professional life, my ancestors and my parents were not afforded lives that had ease or provided them many choices. I do this work in my own life for them, for my own children, and for myself.

I am trying because I know the consequences of what happens when we don’t or when we can’t.
I do this work because changing your neural pathways and responses to pain and hurt is possible. I do this work myself and with others because evolving is practical and necessary and we need one another and I’m honored to get to work alongside such beautiful, hopeful souls.

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I wholeheartedly believe that a healing body, mind, nervous system and spirit is a powerful force that ripples beyond the individual and that this sacred work of change alters individuals, groups, collectives and the world.