colorado based therapy

Coaching services are provided nationwide.

I offer therapy services to those that reside in the state of Colorado. My coaching services extend to anyone regardless of location.

Need support in determining the difference between therapy and coaching and what fits your needs best?



per 55 minute individual therapy and coaching session


per 70 minute partnership coaching*

*that added 20 minutes matters and makes a difference y’all!

*Please inquire about a super bill to be reimbursed for my out of network therapy services through your insurance provider

Wild Open Joy Therapy

For ongoing and collaborative support for difficulties in day to day living.

Therapy is a best fit for those whose symptoms meet criteria for a diagnosis like PTSD, ongoing depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. These mental health diagnoses require specific and unique analyses and ongoing treatment interventions. If you are having trouble with day to day living such as keeping and maintaining employment, keeping and maintaining relationships and friendships and need support with getting out of bed in the morning, psychotherapy is the best fit for you. In the therapy setting advice is very limited and the goal is to support and collaborate with you to create and maintain ongoing solutions to assist you in living a balanced and thriving life.

Wild Open Joy Coaching

For support and practical solutions for a particular need and goal.

Coaching is similar to a tune up in that it helps create solutions for your life instead of the therapeutic goal of creating solutions for significant impairment in daily living. Perhaps you need some support with a certain co-dependent tendency that is not working for you anymore, or with practical advice and skills on how to regulate your nervous system in a certain setting. Maybe you want to focus on a certain goal in your spiritual practice or in your blossoming business venture, schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with me to explore if we would be a good fit, I look forward to connecting with you!

Partnership Coaching

I love, love, love coaching partners.

In full transparency I do not enjoy couples therapy–doing it or providing it! I do love, love, love coaching partners in nervous system regulation skills, understanding, tweaking, and navigating healthier patterns and responses to connect and to feel safe. It is a great passion of mine to see neural pathways change in a way that serves individuals, partnerships and families. I especially have a skill and love for partnerships whereupon one person is a survivor of childhood trauma and is partnered with someone(s) who do not share the same history. I believe that those of us with complex trauma are deserving, worthy and capable of having healthy, connective, vibrant partnerships and find it an honor to guide, support, celebrate, roll up my sleeves with partners to move from stuckness and shame to healing.

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