Hello Ame, Ame.

How are you my sweets?

You know what happened today?  You weighed yourself and you are 214 pounds.  You know how I know this is a love letter?

Because you are wearing your sassy boots, the ones you got for yourself when you turned 40, you have a pink lip on and you are feeling good about yourself.

My sweets, you have eaten up so much in the past 10 years.

I did the math and it’s a lot of shit!!!

You did everything…and I mean everything you could!

And do you know what is the most gosh darn, no, fuck it…this is not saintly.  The most goddamn amazing part about it?


You never do hun.

You went through unprecedented times with an EMPTY…and guuuurrrlll I mean it was eeemmmpppttty tank and you made that out alive.  Hell, even better.  Reaching for things that are only gonna improve you.

What a gem.

What a star.

What a beauty.

30 pounds aint nothing sweetpea, you got this.

And you got this in your soul baby.

I know nobody been believing in you when you were a kiddo.  They assumed you would take care of it yourself.  I know that is a wound baby.  Of course it is.  It was not right.

And honey bear.  It made you a fucking badass.

Because you know what?  You did do that.  And you are still doing that.

It’s not over.  And this time we got a lot of smart, wonderful, caring, deliberate SAFE…oh gurl, the peeps you got in your life now are so safe.  Honey, they are safe and safe and safe and they love and love and love and they want to give to you.

You already made it sis.  You already have the tools.

I know you want to grab them. And I’m right here.  I’m right here with you baby girl.

Sssshhhh, I got you babe.