Hey Honey boo,

Oh my dear sweets, I am so, so thankful for you.

Look what you accomplished.

Just look.

Do you see it?

I remember that night on that trampoline under the stars and we made a wish.  Do you recall?

The wish, which would become a call, was to break it all.  Your little heart knew that she wanted it differently.

It’s been ages and minutes and peaks and valleys since that night on the trampoline, we have landed and risen and landed again.

Your wings are tired sweetie, because, babe.  You did it.

I am so fucking proud of you.

I think the reason you’ve become so ornery–rightfully so–is you are tired now.  The steam and the tenacity and the feat of it all has caught up.  It’s time to lay it down.  You got the job done.

DId you hear me sweets?

The mission is complete.

You get all the stars and stripes and accolades.  

We’ll throw you a huge party, what kind of cake do you want?

Who do you want to be there?

What music shall you walk up on in?

What a goddamn celebrity.  They will line up, they will kiss and touch and place fingertips at your temples.

You will receive.  

For once you will drink it in and you will shut your mouth darling and let them tell you the difference this has all made.

And you will smile and cry and swoon and sit in the dichotomy of how brilliant and small you truly are.  All at once.  All here and now and past and present.  It’s all here. In that room, in these times and in those times.

You will be among the stars.

But, for now, we will remember you are a human in a human form, having a human existence.

Your feet will get tired and your belly will ache from sweets and your eyes will be gritty from tears.

That is ok.

In the morning, after a good long rest, you will eat and drink and evacuate your bowels.  The same old same old…isn’t it lovely, this life to live?

You have never gotten to simply do it before.

To move and to shake and to grieve and to sing and to smile at babies and to pick up pieces that are just yours to pick up.

What a sweet thing.

It’s gonna be fun, I can feel it.

It’s gonna be more fun than work the stars are reading.

Of course I don’t know how long it will last, that’s the thrill of it.  

Join me will you?  

No, no sweets I’m not placing you on some dusty shelf, you are my right hand woman, you get to sit on some velvet throne like royalty and I’ll go into battle.

You did the work baby girl, now you get to dispense some wisdom and ask the others to figure it out for once.

Thank you for your service.  Thank you for all you gave me.  You set me up so, so well.

You set us all up to gain more than we ever imagined.

What a gift you have been.

Your storage houses are full, the children are fat with nutrition.

There is laughter and lovemaking in the homes below.

Sit and hear it, delight in it and let your bones know peace.

I love you.

And you are the leader/mother/giver/hoper I have always needed.

It’s going to be ok because it already is ok.

And now we celebrate.