A beautiful invitation for me this morning as I have a hang over from joy and beauty.

I woke up this morning feeling hungover from my joyful, full day yesterday, I experienced connection, laughter, good food and good friends…it was juicy and bold and beautiful. And today I feel nervous, a hungover nagging feeling that is telling me to protect myself. I found myself snappy and irritable, it came out as being mad at the kids for a lost watch, not meeting John’s sweet attempts at teasing connection…I wanted to run. This simple profound pull of 8 of Cups gave me pause. What am I leaving behind? What is no longer serving me in this capacity, what has given me some safety and service and is now holding me back? The gentle invitation this morning for me was to turn towards that scared part of myself, I get why she is there, we needed her for a very long time. To survive, to thrive, to protect. I get it. I completely understand…and there is a new groove in my soul that is so curious to reach for more, to put on my travel cloak and grab my walking stick and trek anew. I’m scared and I’m hungry to sit in the afterglow of fun and play and joy. What are you laying down and where are you headed?